Wednesday, January 16, 2008

After the Commercial Mortgage Calculator you need This

Business owners should always utilize a mortgage calculator when deciding whether to buy a commercial property or even to refinance. If you don't want to do it yourself, then call your accountant and ask him to run the numbers on his commercial mortgage payment calculator. He may charge you to do this. So if you just want to run the numbers first without bothering him right now, you can do it yourself easily. It's almost the same as using a regular home payment mortgage calculator. In my earlier post I covered this in detail. Now, after working those commercial numbers and you decide to move forward, your next step is to find a commercial mortgage program that is the best for you. You really want to work with a search engine that will allow you to receive many quotes back so you can choose the best one. This is all you should do...period! You will never do it any other way once you try it this way because it's easy and effcient; and your quote will be the best...guaranteed too. How I know this is because I've been in the business my whole life and I've never seen better results then those that come from a large engine search base for commercial mortgages. You do not need to talk with anyone in your earlier search phase of looking for the best deal either. That's how nice it is. Once you see your best deal on the your computer screen, then call them to discuss further; or never call at all. Just do it all through emailing Isn't this great? You bet it is. Looking for a commercial mortgage can be a little like shopping for a used car. I don't really like talking to used car salesmen unless I know what I'm getting. By using a commercial mortgage search engine you see what the best deal is first; then you decide who to work with. Beautiful isn't it? Here's my recommendation: try the following most up to date search engine on the web and see your quotes come flooding in. It's a Google sponsored commercial search engine which I highly reccomend and is producing very happy customers. This Google referral with 400 lenders who quote at one time; can be seen by going to commercial mortgage calculator.